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SIB launches BNSS portal

The Belize National Statistical System portal was launched this morning as a part of the Statistical Institute of Belize, SIB, efforts to reinforce the country’s ability to generate and use quality official statistics. The portal is an amalgamated information management system.  As Belize moves towards an open government, the portal is a fine addition to the new open government platform and it can be accessed through the SIB’s website. Director General of the Statistical Institute of Belize, Dr. Leopold Perriott spoke about the benefits of the portal.

Dr. Leopold Perriott –  Director General of SIB: “At the U.N. Statistical Commission, the decision was taken by all statistics bodies to make data readily available to anyone who wants it, it is open data. We can only release information that is put together in summary format. We are trying to put on everything that we can get our hands on with respect to aggregated data. We do not publish this aggregated data, the closest we come to this aggregated data is in our radatime applications and in our microdata access process but those data sets have been stripped of as much information as possible that can identify anybody. It is an incredible amount of data we want to have and very often people don’t even have that information as yet so we have to approach our partners and develop ways and means to collect this data so we might have to devise surveys, whatever collection means we have to do to collect some of this data so it is going to be a process and we now have the manpower. We have three people who are working full time at this and so they are harassing all partners to get information from them and we are going to be producing this stuff.”

The funding for the Belize National Statistical System Portal was provided by the Inter-American Development Bank through a grant of US$190,000.