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SIB standardizing statistical reports

The Statistical Institute of Belize, SIB, is tasked with providing trustworthy statistical report on the performance of various sectors in the country. Last month, SIB in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank launched the National Statistical System Portal. SIB continues to come up with ways to provide data more efficiently and today it held a workshop which focused on standardizing its information. Dr. Leopold Perriott, the Director General of SIB, said that the workshop is geared towards bringing SIB in compliance with the international standard.
Dr. Leopold Perriott – Director General of SIB: “Basically what we are doing, SATS has agreed to come and give us a workshop on this because they are good at this kind of thing and they are giving all of us at the workshop with selected Ministries and Departments on how these things actually operate.  It is a very elaborate system but it is a standardized system that allows us to share data between ourselves, having a standardized way of classifying data, writing up documentation, of doing metadata so this has all been worked out on the international level. The idea is that all of these different domains will be made available and they will be made available at the international standard and so there are specified ways of making crime data available for example, specified ways of making health data available. The domains are like health, education, crime, national accounts, you know those are the domains and the way data is produced from those domains has all been talked about extensively at the international level so what this is saying is how do you do that? What are these standards that you are going to be using?”
The workshop was held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel.