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SIB to Conduct National Population and Housing Sensus

The national population and housing census is slated for May 2022 and today, the Statistical Institute of Belize announced that it is going hire a thousand workers as part of the count. Acting Director-General of the SIB, Diana Castillo-Trejo explained more today in her statement.

Diana Castillo-Trejo, Acting Director General, SIB: “The census is the largest statistical exercise undertaken by a country and the participation of all residents is crucial to its success. It is a key data source to inform policies, measure achievements and plan for the future. For the 2022 census vital information will be collected about the population regarding employment, education, health and poverty among other things. This information will be essential particularly in these times as the COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the need for recent and reliable statistics for informed decision making and policies. Over the next few months the SIB will be undertaking several activities in preparation for the census. Starting today September first we will be accepting applications for employment for the census through our online application for,. We encourage you to visit our website at WWW.SIB.ORG.BZ or contact us at info@mail.SIB.ORG.BZ or 613-8188 for information on the various positions available for the census. This is the opportunity to serve your country be being a part of history while earning a competitive wage. In closing I would like to appeal to all residents of Belize to kindly participate in the census when our interviewers visit your household or business establishment in May of next year. Your involvement will be critical to the success of the 2022 population and housing census.”