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Siblings Resort to Court to Settle Land Dispute

Seventy-five year old Albert Hoare Sr., a resident of Camalote Village, is faced with an eviction charge at Belmopan magistrate’s Court in which his sister, Isabel Hoare, is seeking to have him evicted from his portion of a 15 acre piece of land in Camalote. The property was leased to the father of the two, George Hoare Sr. who passed away in 1979 without leaving any will to the property. Consequently, all his children have equal share to the 15 acres that was leased to him. But Isabel Hoare was not satisfied and unknown to the other siblings, she applied for and was granted a lease to the 15 acres. The lease was in the name of Isabel Hoare, her children, Emogene Coye, Alyson Coye, Wilhelm Coye and her deceased common-law husband, Secundino Coye. The lease was, however, forfeited by the then Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega and its forfeiture was published in the Government Gazette dated April 12, 2014. Still not satisfied, Isabel Hoare made a second application for the land to be leased to her and her children and common-law husband and it was successful. George Hoare Sr., in a letter sent to Minister of Natural Resources, Godwin Hulse, dated February 22, 2016, contested the granting of the lease to Isabel Hoare and reported that on February 15, 2016, Isabel’s son, Alyson Hoare, blocked the entrance to his farm by putting barbed wire and erecting a sign which read, “private property keep out”. As a result, the case is now before the court.