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SICA holds meeting in Belize

Representatives of the member-countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) are meeting in Belize discussing climate change issues within the region.  In this regard, the workshop is looking at formulating a strategy to tackle climate change.  Love news spoke with Lennox Gladden, Chief Climate Change Officer, at the National Climate Change Office, who said that the strategy will build a level of resilience in various sectors impacted by climate change.

Lennox Gladden Head National Climate Change Office: ”The strategy itself looks at the various sectors within their countries and in similar and we are looking at other sectors which in our case a lot of sectors are being impacted by the climate change so how would these sectors and how can we build a level of planning and resilience and also looking for some sort of disaster risk reduction strategy within these sectors are being reviewed and after we conduct this review we are hoping to implement the regional strategy as it relates to climate change.

Carlos Fuller, the Regional Liaison Officer at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center, said that the Caribbean also has a similar regional plan as it relates to dealing with climate change.

Carlos Fuller Regional Liaison Officer (CCCCC): “Belize is a part of the Five season implementation plan but Belize is also apart of the SICA implementation plan and so we want to ensure Belize benefits from both initiatives but to ensure  that the initiatives are not clashing with each other but are complementary so I am just here to provide the advice to the Belize delegation to note that, to ensure that we have two signatures between two regional plans but in addition there are things we may be able to learn from Central American Regional plan that we could not implement in the Caribbean Implementation plan.”

The initiative is being funded by the European Union.