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SICA’s initiative to help businesses

Earlier this year, Belize took over the Pro-Tem Presidency of SICA, the Central American Integrated System as such several SICA meeting have been conducted in Belize. The latest meeting brought together tourism representative from the region to discuss issues affecting tourism.  At the meeting, there was the launch of prometeur which will assist small and medium businesses. Yashin Dujon, the Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Tourism said that the aim is to assist small and medium businesses to be more competitive.

Yashin Dujon CEO Ministry of Tourism: “Prometour is a wonderful opportunity, there will actually be opportunities for small and medium enterprises in the Tourism sector to get affordable loans for the different business developments so the monies will be spread across the eight countries and a lot of it will be managed and assessed through SICA bodies. We wanted to focus on developing small and medium enterprises to be able to be more competitive and to really bring them up to the same level as some of the larger hotels and other established business in the Industry.”

Manuel Heredia, the Minister of Tourism, said that the project has been two years in the making.

Manuel Heredia Minister of Tourism: “We are very extra fortunate of having the Representative of CABEI today with us to launch the Prometour project which will give assistance to the small and medium enterprises like that. It’s something that as Minister of Tourism I believe that in Belize and elsewhere we need to have our technical people trained, have our small and medium entrepreneurs trained and this project will give all those things to the entire region of Central America. The main reasoning is to make sure that we can assist the small and medium entrepreneurs and that is the main objective for that and I believe that if we do that they will be able to uplift themselves and their businesses with the assistance. I believe that they said $15,000 US that is 15,000 emberced between one year and one and a half years.

Heredia said that the recipients will have five years to repay.