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Silk Grass Vendors Upset

Roadside vendors in Silk Grass Village, Stann Creek say that they need the village chairman to intervene in a situation, which prevents them from making money. Competing vendors come from other nearby communities to sell their wares in the areas where Silk Grass Vendors are. That situation is not only causing conflict among vendors but it prevents the ones in Silk Grass from selling all their products. Stann Creek Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to one vendor about why she wants this situation resolved. 

Rosy, Vendor of Silk Grass Village: “We have many problems because people from Steadfast Village, they come all the way to this village, Silk Grass.”

Reporter: And different locations from out there?

Rosy, Vendor of Silk Grass Village: “And different locations from out. Yea. They sell, nearly the same things that we sell, they sell and then we don’t want the day and tomorrow, we have problems and come in and have a big fight right? We don’t want to have problems so we want to make the Chairman change this. Have him do something to let everybody here at Silk Grass have their own space to make them sell because we have many troubles but it’s we who always lose our stuff. My mom she sells boiled corn, ducunu, or anything, oranges and so forth but these people that come from out, they sell the same thing and they always have quarrels because of that and we want this for it to get fixed. We want a change so that we, Silk Grass, here, we can sell our stuff out there.”

Reporter: Should there be some kind of market being put up there? Like how would you suggest a market where everybody maybe could sell or it has to be on the street side or the roadside?

Rosy, Vendor of Silk Grass Village: “We have to be on the street side yes.”

Reporter: Why?

Rosy, Vendor of Silk Grass Village: “Because it’s better for us because we sell a little bit more.”