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Silk Grass villagers up in arms over water situation

Harry Arzu reporting…

Residents of Silk Grass village in the Stann Creek village are up in arms over an electricity bill amounting to over $5,000 that they say was incurred by their water board. They further complained during a meeting that was held on Sunday June 5th at their community center about low water pressure and sometimes water shortages.”


Well we don’t have a water board in Silk Grass village right now because Mr. Pot took all the materials so the office is closed right now. Well we have a light bill right now that we can’t pay.”


When I submitted my letter requesting a change of the water board shortly after they came over and they changed the board and they put their members so my friend to be honest with you I don’t even know who are the members of the board. I have no say in the water board.”


Everybody here I guarantee that they have their receipt to represent that they paid for water but my question is, when they cut out our water what happens to all of that money? Now this paper is telling us we owe over $5,000 so where is the money?”

Harry Arzu, Love News

“According to Earnest Banner coordinator of Rural Development in the Ministry of labor and Rural Development the current water board is still in place however an investigation into the board is on the way. Banner further stated that the Silk Grass water board financial records is not up to date. The 20,000 gallon water tank serves over 100 consumers including a water company and Banner said that 82% of those are consistent with their payments. He also told Love News that his ministry has already made a down payment of $4,000.00 to BEL and that the water board should pay the balance. In the meantime Banner encourages the consumers of Silk Grass village to continue to pay their water bill and that he will be in the village to continue the investigation into this matter.”