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Government & Politics

Silva Says Montero Acquires 1000+ Acres of Land Whilst in Government

Dan Silva, the Standard Bearer of the People’s United Party for Cayo Central is set to go against Rene Montero Jr. of the United Democratic Party for the November 4 General Elections. During election season, it is accustomed for political opponent to dig up dirt on one another. Silva has been digging and today he showed the media documents pertaining to a number of lands that is in the name of Montero and his brother. Silva has claimed that these properties were obtained by Montero whilst in Government,


I have a list of twenty properties owned by the Montero family; over a thousand acres in Hicks Caye, Bannister Caye, in the Pine Ridge Area, in the Yalbac Area.  I have all the copies here, the twenty copies and all the accompanying documents.  When the poor people go and ask for a lot, or ask for a fifty acres, they refuse them or give them a hard time.  So, the Montero family is doing very well and the people are not given anything.”


“Are these properties he amassed during his term in office?”


“During his term in office, yes.”


“Sir, do you know whether or not these properties were acquired at a cheaper price than it would usually cost?”


“I don’t know the cost; we only have the receipts here and the list, if anybody wants to see them.”

In a brief email, Montero Jr. explained that the 56 acres of land had been the property of his family prior to the 1990s. He says that in regards to the properties in San Ignacio Town, those were inherited. Montero says that this is a hypocritical move on the part of Silva whose family also owns a large number of properties.


“Well you can’t be following propaganda.  The Silva family and the Galvez Family have been in the Cayo area for one hundred and twenty five years.  One grandfather still owns Clarissa Falls and the other used to own Carmelita.  We have been in the cattle business for the past hundred and add years, nothing new.  Rene Montero recently joined Government – there is a big difference.  And we don’t even have one thousand five hundred acres, we don’t even have a hundred acres so you can’t compare the two of them.”

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