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Silver Sedan and Cane Truck Collide in Northern Belize

On Friday night a road traffic incident on the Phillip Goldson Highway, left three persons injured. A silver Volkswagon and a cane truck were involved in the incident. Eighteen year old William Zabaneh was the driver of the Volkswagon while the cane truck was driven by thirty five year old Alfredo Perez. Inspector Nicholas Palomo, Deputy Officer in Command of Orange Walk Police, spoke to Love News.


“On the 10th of June 2016 at about 8pm Orange Walk police visited a location between mile 51 and 52 on the Phillip Goldson highway before reaching the BSI cut off. Upon arrival police saw that a grey in color pick up had crashed behind a red in color tractor that was hauling three trailers.”

Palomo shared what their initial investigations have revealed so far.


“Initial investigation revealed that grey pick up bearing a Belize City license plate that was travelling from North to South and at the time was driven by one William Zabaneh did not see the trailer and crashed behind it. Zabaneh received scrapes to his face, hand and to his feet. He also complained to pain to his body. He was transported by ambulance to the Northern Regional Hospital. There were three other occupants of the vehicle that received minor scratches with the exception of one who suffered a broken foot. The tractor with the three trailers was driven at the time by one Alfredo Perez. The front portion of the pickup was extensively damaged.”

Urine sample was taken from both drivers and Zabaneh was served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.