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Simulated fire drill held at UB Toledo

Emergency personnel and first responders put their training to test during a fire drill at the University of Belize, Punta Gorda Campus this morning. Paul Mahung tells us how it went.


Paul Mahung reporting…

“A mid-morning fire drill at UB Punta Gorda campus brought into action various individuals who were needed on site in case of a real fire situation. Members of Punta Gorda Fire Service responded promptly as explained by Jerome Pook, Officer in Command, PG Fire Service.

Jerome Pook -, Officer in Command, PG Fire Service

“Punta Gorda Fire Station received a call of a fire in the conference room at UB, the Z-Line building. At nine-fifty both trucks arrived on the scene. At 9:53 am the first team went in and rescued a victim that was still in the building. Victim was removed at 9:53am. At 9:54 am the team went back inside and extinguished the fire.

UB Chief Security Officer John Salam was on site and observed the entire fire drill operation.

John Salam – UB Chief Security Officer

“The fire drill included active participants of Fire Department, Police, Punta Gorda Town council, the ambulance service, PG hospital, UB Toledo Staff Administration and the security personnel. The participating groups all play a major role in carrying out their responsibility in case of a real fire on the Toledo campus.”

Salam commented that the fire drill was a success and was grateful to all those who actively participated in preparation for any fire incident at UB Punta Gorda Campus