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Single Mom Receives New Home

Hand in Hand Ministries is committed to building communities by ensuring that the ‘economically vulnerable’ are able to become home owners. Hand in Hand Ministries collaborated with Heritage Bank on their latest house project. Love News spoke with the Human Resource Manager of Heritage Bank Limited, Stacie Soberanis, who told us how they got involved.

Stacie Soberanis – Human Resource Manager

“It all started earlier this year because our Heritage Bank employees we normally do some kind of community service event every year. Usually we do it towards the end of the year but at the beginning of 2017, we thought to start a little earlier. So you employees decided to set aside a dollar every pay day from their salaries to put towards some worthy cause and the bank agreed to help us to do some kind of activity and when we saw the opportunity to work with Hand in Hand Ministries to help someone get a house we jumped on that so that is what happened.”

For Jenny Pinelo, the new home owner, this was a dream come true for her. Pinelo was over-joyed to finally have a home to call her own. Pinelo shared with Love News how she went about acquiring her house.

Jenny Pinelo

“I was here with my mom and my sister and we were just talking and she told me to build a house in the bank instead of renting or being with my sister. So I went several places and suddenly she came and she told me that Hands in Hands had a place for families like mine to assist us in getting a home. I didn’t know where it was so she went out and found out about it. She came back and she told me so I went there and I went there just to find out and came home back a week later I decided to go do it. I went, and I met Miss Grace and she gave me a paper to apply for it. I went home back and she just gave me the land paper and said we would do it.”

This is house number 331 that Hand in Hand Ministries has built in Belize. Director of Building for Change, Bernard Panton of Hand in Hand Ministries told us more about their latest initiative.

Bernard Panton – Director of Building for Change

The house is now a 16X20 house. It has a bathroom inside and space for two bedrooms and it is fully painted and has aluminium louvers which is something more than what Hand in Hand usually gives from the beginning. Usually Hand in Hands just gives a regular house that comes without plumbing and electricals but as we work with different organizations they are the ones who decide what they are going to add to that. The house took about three to four days.

Pinelo is happy to have a home where she and her children can live.  Panton said that the home owners also get involved in building other homes to make owning a home a reality for others as well.