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Single mother accuses Family Court of delays in maintenance payments

One single mother says she has a grievance with the way family court has been handling her maintenance payments. A woman who preferred to identify herself only as Anita, called our studio today saying that she has only received as much as one payment for maintenance from the court into her account over a period of two months with the last payment made in February.  Anita says that she has grown frustrated with the delays since this is one of her primary sources of income for her children’s needs. Here is her story.

Anita – Complainant: “My concern is that I collect maintenance every 15th and ending. It’s been from January that the backlog was going on I understand, after February I got one payment. I haven’t gotten any to the ending of February, none for the 15th of March, none for the ending of March and the 15th, we are already in April Ms. and every time you call the people they tell you “oh check your account next week, check your account next week and at the end of the day there is nothing in there. I called a while ago and the young lady told me that if we wanted our payment we have to call back after the Easter break. They can’t do us that, people have kids to feed, people have bills to pay and I am getting enough of wasting my credit every day for them to just tell me next week, next week. This is the excuse that I got just this evening when I called, I asked the young lady, When should I check back? When will I get my money? or at least when to check the account? to see if the money was approved. The young lady said Ms. my supervisor is not taking any calls because they are trying to put in payment but Ms. that is not a good excuse for them to give us. They were supposed to give us that a week back. My salary comes out from this gentleman’s pay so it is not because maybe she put it in late or something. It is from his work that they send it to the Family Court. I called last week Friday, when I called last week Friday the young lady said Monday, Monday came too Ms. and I called on Monday. They told me to check by Wednesday, Wednesday come and up to now nothing.”

We called Family Court this afternoon for comment on the allegations but were told that the coordinator was not in office at the time and that she would return our call once she got in. Up to newstime, we have not received that call.