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Single mother receives new home

Hand In Hand Ministries delivered a new home to a single mother earlier today. The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) was the main donor for the home. Love News spoke to Lisa Buller who received her keys today from the BWSL and Hand in Hand Ministries.

Lisa Buller – Home Owner:“I’m very happy about it, I’m very glad to win a home. I’m very glad for BWS for giving me the opportunity to live in a new home because the condition of my old home I really needed a home so I was very excited and happy. Right now just me and three kids. I had to attend meetings, and I had to attend buildings same as the building the other homes every month.”

Reporter:  What have you learned from the experience in terms of helping others and what is it like to finally have your own home?

Lisa Buller – Home Owner :“Well it’s very exciting and I’m very happy and at last I will be able to live in comfort. As you can see my previous home was in deplorable condition and yes I’m very happy to be relocated to a new home.”