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Sista B remains UDP strong under Faber’s administration

Patrick Faber did not avoid any questions from the media today.  As a matter of fact, he went into details of the case of Denise Sista B Barrow.  Rumors had begun circulating right after the elections on her stepping down and not wanting to be a part of the Faber leadership.  According to Faber they are all conspiracy theories.

Hon.Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition, United Democratic Party: “I sometimes wonder what happens with the media you know because the media really ought to help in a situation like this. There has been no swearing in of any member of the House of Representatives yet, in fact it is our point why so many of the ministers are illegally operating because they’ve not been sworn in as members of the house. As I understand it there are only members of the Senate, two or so that have been sworn in as parliamentarians but nobody has been sworn in. What happened at the Belize House was the swearing in of the Leader of the Opposition and I did invite my colleague- Sista B in fact if you know Sista B she’s not into all the hype she’s told you this many many times before so she didn’t go to my swearing in that does not mean that she is not taking on the role. In fact we now know that the swearing in is going to be on Friday for members of the House and the Senate and Sista B will be there I’m told she’s already picked out her shoes and her dress and everything. So the media really ought to help those who ought to know better but sometimes play like they don’t know better.” 

And while he did not dodge any questions today, Faber did take the liberty to give one media house a tongue lashing on false reports and misinformation.

Hon.Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition, United Democratic Party: You know Jules of all the media persons you seem, I’m very disappointed in your putting this question because you know Sista B. You know Sista B, you have engaged with her for many many years, you know she’s not the type who comes publicly. Not going to my swearing as Leader of the Opposition wasn’t a crime or wasn’t an act to say I don’t support the new leader that’s not the case at all. You as a senior journalist just finished criticizing all who carried on the story of her not attending the Leader of the Opposition swearing in how does that equate to she’s not sworn in or she’s not going to take on the thing or we’re going to have a byelection or some nonsense ? You all need to stop and where the people are misled and the information is not clear then you have a duty to tell them. You should have said from that very day when I was sworn in as Leader of the Opposition Sista B not attending not Sista B not being sworn in  but rather you feed the fire. You did not hesitate to put our misinformation on your Facebook page from your news station. You announced who the Senators were even before I had a chance to do them and you were wrong and then you had to back peddle and all kind of misinformation. You announced that it would have been Khalid Belisle being appointed today or being recommended to the Governor General so it doesn’t matter that you missed the first part of the press conference you knew the information a long time ago. The point that I was making is that Khalid is the mayor, there’s no John Saldivar coup trying to take over the Patrick Faber leadership that nonsense that all sorts of things that you put on Facebook. Khalid is simply not able to take on the role of the senator because he has to conclude his duties as the mayor and I respect that.”