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Sister of covid-19 positive patient passes away

A woman of San Felipe Village, Orange Walk District passed away last night after testing positive for Covid-19.  50-year-old Teresita ‘Tely’ Cruz Wicab passed away after complaining of difficulties breathing.

A woman of San Felipe Village, Orange Walk District passed away last night after testing positive for Covid-19.  50-year-old Teresita ‘Tely’ Cruz Wicab passed away after complaining of difficulties breathing.  According to her son, Myron Cruz, his mother had a fever for 3 days but did not think it would have been the virus. It wasn’t until over the weekend when she began experiencing complications and passed away last night. The son says that his mother was a friendly person who loved all her children and family. She was always a nice person to everyone in the village and as such will be remembered. He also indicated that contrary to reports she was not working at Caribbean Chicken.  He says it has been years since she left her post at Caribbean Chicken.

Myron Cruz, Son: “The Monday that passed she had a fever. Monday, Tuesday and by Wednesday she was better but on Friday she asked me to buy an IV for her because she was weak. She only said that she was weak but she never mentioned anything about not being able to breath. On Saturday she said she couldn’t breath and that’s when I told her to go see a doctor but she refused. I just said “Okay” because I can’t force her. I think her pressure was high and we went to see a doctor and it was there that he said that her pressure was indeed high. Yesterday she passed away but in the morning she was talking fine and she didn’t sound tired at all. At around three thirty I got a call and they told me that she passed away. It’s like she went to sleep and it was like she never woke up.”

Wicab is the sister to 63-year-old Natalio Wicab who had also tested positive for Covid-19 and passed away over the weekend. The Cruz family are now waiting for her test results for COVID-19 to conclude.

Senator Mark Lizarraga via the Business Perspective Show aired this morning has criticized the Government on the number of Covid-19 tests they have been carrying out.  According to Lizarraga, when compared to other countries Belize is lagging way behind.

Senator Mark Lizarraga: “Testing has been a major part and I want to read some numbers out to you and I’m looking this morning at countries with a similar population to ours anywhere from 500,000 down to two hundred and something thousand  and I look at the amount of tests they have done with their population and Belize is severely lacking because while our numbers are around 16,000 per million tests or some 1.6% the other countries with similar size to us that have done 25,000 tests per million or 32,000 tests in some cases Iceland has done 594,000 tests per million population. French Guyana 165, Barbados 54,000 test per million. New Caledonia etc, the Bahamas 25,000, Belize we’re at 16,000 and also something has happened recently and I stand to be corrected but based on what I have heard is that we are now only testing people that have symptoms, that display symptoms but we know for a fact that the vast majority of people whom are carriers will have no symptoms or will display no symptoms or very mild symptoms. So we have a vast number of people now -and it’s coming to front-  circulating in our communities, in our businesses, in our towns ,our villages, who are carriers and who because of our lack of testing or a very strong testing protocol we will not pick up. So now we have this community spread exploding all over the place. Now bring it back to business now we’re already in this situation where we’ve lost our major leg tourism so much unemployed people, we have limited capacity in our internal markets to really keep tax revenue and business revenue going and now the one thing we could have done which as individuals is to be as conservative and as safe as we could be we haven’t done that the next thing we could do is test and isolate. I mean it’s alarming for me to see the other day for example even a doctor that tested positive I understand was caught running around. The question comes to mind where are the bracelets? Where are the tags? Early on in this consultation we had made the recommendations that persons that test positive because we’ve seen so many of them undisciplined should have some sort of a tag or wrist band so that that could help them and help the community. It’s not so that we give them stigma but it’s to protect all of us, some people have and will be irresponsible and that has a cost and it has an impact and we’re beginning to see the effect of those.”

The recent infographic from the Ministry of Health shows 730 registered cases to date; ten deaths and forty eight persons recovered.