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Sister of Late David Vega Set to Carry on Legacy In Corozal Bay

41-year-old Elvia Samos had submitted a letter to the People’s United Party secretariat to replace her brother in the Corozal Bay division. Samos is the sister of late David “Dido” Vega who passed away due to COVID-19 complications on December 11. In the letter, Samos has expressed interest in carrying out the legacy of her brother in the Corozal Bay division as his successor.  Samos, who currently serves as the Chairperson for the Corozal Bay Executive Committee, has also indicated that following consultations with the executive it is agreed that in the best interest of the party that she be endorsed as PUP’s Standard Bearer.  This would mean circumventing a party convention and have her represent the PUP in the impending bi-elections.  Love News spoke to Samos today and she stated that she is confident in a win after taking in all the lessons from her brother.

Elvia Samos: “What prompted me to take on this challenge you know at first I had so many people from the community messaging me asking me to take on this challenge. At first I was not thinking about it, you know we got a big loss in our family, we lost our brother and I wasn’t really thinking about it but when I got all these messages from the Corozal Bay people you know it was a tough decision but I said I need to do this, I need to do this for my brother. You know to take on this legacy and mantle of him wanting to serve the people and this is what prompted me to do this to give up my name as a candidate for the Corozal Bay. I have been working with Dido since 2014. I have been around with him campaigning, two years ago he asked me to be his chairlady of the Corozal Bay Executive to which I agreed and since then we’ve been working together. You know I know his plans, I know the plans he had, I know the love he has for the Corozal Bay people it’s so evidence, he was someone who was very humble, very hard working, he had so many battles along the way but he just persevered because he wanted to serve the people. So this is something I said I want todo this for him, I want to do this for the people of the Corozal Bay. He left me with so much experience, all the work we did together. I believe he – like I mentioned before he has always had the people at heart and I have seen this, I have worked with him, I have walked with him so I truly believe I have the confidence and I have the capability to serve the people because it’s all about service to the people.”

She also alluded to some of the works that she plans to undertake once she is elected.

Elvia Samos: “Family is the basic unit of a community and once we can get to the different families we can decrease violence, we can decrease so many things in our society. So it’s about getting in touch with different families, having programs for youths, having peer helpers programs where youths can help one another, youth groups. The main thing is family unit, once we can get to the families we can solve so many ills in our society. I want to thank the people from the Bay, the Corozal Bay I want to thank you for loving my brother the way you did. You know the overwhelming support that my family and I have received I know how much you all loved my brother and I will forever be grateful to you for that. All the people from all over the country of Belize that were praying for him thank you so much for loving my brother and I just want to finish off by saying that this one da fu Dido.”

Samos also told Love News that Ingrid Vega remains in the hospital.