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Sister questions if brother was wrongly targeted

One man, believed to be the killer of twenty nine year old Mark Jones, is in police custody. Investigators are hoping that he shed some light as to why Jones was shot to death last night. And while police are trying to get everything out of that suspect, word on the street is that Jones’ murder has to do with a shooting that happened last week Friday in the same area. A house on Iguana Street Extension was shot at and Jones was being accused of it. His sister, Carolyn Bailey, told Love News that Jones was worried that he would be killed for something he did not do. When asked about the connection between incidents, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood said that both matters are being treated separately.

Carolyn Bailey – Victim’s sister

“I’ve been hearing talking and one of the neighbor’s house has gotten shot up the other day and I heard rumors that the lady’s son said that it was my brother that did it and he came out when that shooting with a towel around his waist from out of his house and actually gave the police information that he saw the person run up the street so I don’t know how they could say that my brother shot up their house. So I don’t know if it was them doing their retaliation to my brother but like I said, it’s just rumors that I’m hearing I don’t know how true it is.”


“He didn’t tell you that somebody had threatened him or had any beef with anyone in the neighborhood.”

Carolyn Bailey – Victim’s sister

“He never told me personally but he had told other family members that he felt that they wanted to kill him because of the same thing that he heard them saying that they are blaming for other things.

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, PR, Belize Police Department

It has to be treated as an isolated incident. One, the time that the incident occurred and then this murder last night even though it’s in the same area it didn’t occur immediately thereafter so then we have to treat both incidents separately. We have to treat each situation differently, establish motive and then there we can make our evaluation and say whether or not these are related. What I can tell you is that each murder that occurs, we have different ways that we step up our patrol. If you notice since that murder took place last night, our teams came out in full force resulting in us finding a Glock 9 mm and we believe that we have the suspect detained. Like I said, we are trying our best to bring these culprits in front of the court to bring closure to the families of these victims. We can only do so much, but also we appeal to the general public to assist us because Belize is so small there is no way you can tell me something is happening in Belize and we know that our neighbors are very interfering; they can tell you who comes to your house to visit but they cannot tell you when a crime occurs at your place. We are not blaming the public, we are asking them the same way they can study their neighbor help us to solve these crimes.”

Carolyn Bailey – Victim’s sister

“Doing a retaliation is going to prove what? It’s not going to do any good for any of us. I don’t have any intention nor any of my family members have any intention of doing any retaliation. My brother wasn’t involved in what they are accusing him of and I can put my head on the block and I can swear for him that he was not the one involved in what they thought he was involved in.”

Police have also recovered a nine millimeter pistol believed to be the firearm used to kill Jones.