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Sister of RTA Victim asks Public to identify Driver who killed her brother

The postmortem examination for Choc was done late this evening at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Love News spoke to Choc’s sister, Adelia  outside the morgue and she hopes the public can assist in identifying the driver of the vehicle that left the father of five without their father.

Adelia Choc Sister of Andrew Choc: “So the vehicle that found him on the roadside started to blow and my other brother heard and said Andrew, Andrew what happened? But when he looked around he did not see anybody so what he did was come outside to see the car that was blowing and he saw that his brother was already hit on the roadside.”

Jose Sanchez: “And they took him to the hospital, what happened next?”

Adelia Choc Sister of Andrew Choc: The police reached and they brought him to the hospital and that is all  know, I haven’t heard anything from them again. I want to ask the public that if maybe somebody saw it? Or maybe somebody saw what happened so that they can give information for us to know who did it and whosoever did it should have at least stopped and said something because of this hurt, It hurts.”

Jose Sanchez: “Your brother had a family of his own? Kids? Wife? Anything?

Adelia Choc Sister of Andrew Choc:He has five children.”

Reporter: “And now they will grow up without him?”

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “We know that it is a blue Honda possibly car that was involved in the incident.”

There were two other persons that died from vehicular accidents. A man who was coming from Melchor crashed on his motorcycle at the border. Marco Tulio De La Rosa wasn’t wearing a helmet and he was transported to a hospital in Melchor for medical treatment where he passed away. Another man, who police say was homeless was knocked down near the bus terminal. Krishan Villafranco said he didn’t see the person however he was charged with manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, and driving without due care and attention.