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Situation at Western Border Sensationalized on Social Media

The social media timelines and pages were filled with sentiments and reactions to the current relations between Belize and Guatemala.  While some were merely expressing their concerns or opinions on the issue, there were some who were sensationalizing the issue and making reports of the western border being closed and high tensions in the area.  Our reporter, Judy Thurton was at the western border today and those reports posted on social media were false as operations remained as per normal.  As dozens of pictures with Guatemala’s Army being deployed to the Sarstoon River and western border had fed the rumor mill around the country, when we got to the border all the rumors turned out to be nothing but just….rumors. The border was functioning as normal, all workers were accounted for and no barbed wires were to be found. Officials from the Immigration Department did confirm though that there was an arson threat made to Consular Affairs Ambassador Said Badi Guerra. We understand from Immigration officials that there was a blockade in Peten today. Guatemalan civilians from Peten have called on their mayor Sonia Rivera, for immediate action since the 13 year old minor that was shot was from Peten. The only actual change that was made today at the western border was the removal of Guatemalan Taxi men. They are usually situated between the immigration building and the OAS office, today they were asked to conduct business from their side of the borders. Immigration Officials described today as “just a slow day for a Friday.”