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Situation returns to normal at northern bridge

Last week Thursday we reported of the confrontation that took place between Mexican Smugglers called “Fayuqueros” and Belize’s customs officer on the Belize Mexico International Bridge. The situation was said to have gotten worse and one particular Mexican media, “Yucatan Times” had reported that 13 Mexicans had been injured. The Yucatan Times also reported that a customs official pulled a gun and threatened one of the Mexican smugglers. Love News has confirmed with Belize Officials that the information reported by the Yucatan Times is untrue. In fact, the only person injured during the confrontation was a Belize police officer attached to Corozal Police. We were told that a bottle hit the officer in the head causing him to bleed.  We also confirmed that legal trade resumed yesterday. Fayuqueros have been engaging in informal trade where they would stockpile merchandise bought at the Corozal Free Zone on the Belize side of the bridge. And at the suitable time for them to carry the bales of merchandize over the bridge avoiding to pay taxes. Mexican customs officials realized that this practice was increasing and so a meeting with Belize’s customs officials was requested. That meeting happened days before the confrontation.