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Six high schools receive laptops

Price Waterhouse Coopers has made a donation of laptops through the Ministry of Education to six different high schools in Belize. Price Waterhouse Coopers has been hosting a financial literacy camp in Belize since 2008. Carol Babb, Deputy Chief Education Officer, spoke to Love News about the donation.

Dr. Carol Babb – Deputy Chief Education Officer

These laptops were donated by PWC and Peacework as you may know that in 2008 with the Ministry of Education PWC and Peacework started to do financial literacy and entrepreneurship in Belize and we started out with four schools and now we’ve covered all primary schools in Belize City and I would say 95% of all high schools so these new schools were added on this year and they have participated in the camp and they continue to ensure that the children develop the necessary skills of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. It has taught children to save, to budget, plan towards a goal that they may have. For example in the camps they asked them what they want to be and about their career and it teaches them that they can start to save to become whatever they want to be, it also teaches them that they all have talent and they can open their own businesses and they don’t have to rely on others to get a job. I think since the youth unemployment rate is a bit high ensuring that our students develop their entrepreneurial skills will alleviate in that area.”

Vice Principal of Edward P. Yorke High School, Josephine Flowers told Love News how the new laptops provided by PWC will benefit their school.

Josephine Flowers – VP, Edward P. Yorke High School

For us it is going to be a big help for us especially if we are going to try to integrate this program because already some of the topics that they have we have in our business classes so this is going to be a big help. Right now our teachers we are training them so hopefully by the end of next year we will have a lot to report as of how well it has gone. I always said that I was happy for this program because we are a north side school but we have a lot of students from the villages and the south side so helping them to be financially independent is going to be a big help to their parents and to themselves later on when they try to go to sixth form. We can now set up an area where students can go and research different business plans, they can look at different ways to improve what they have because a lot of time our students don’t have computers at home, they don’t have internet so we have to provide that service for them so this is another way. We have computer labs but this is a way outside of the school time that they can come in whenever they are finished with school and one of our teachers would be willing to help them.”

The six high schools that received laptops were Pallotti High School, Edward P. Yorke High School, Canaan High School, Ladyville Technical High School, St. John’s College and Belize High School. All schools received two laptops each. The donation is estimated to be around nine thousand dollars.