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SJC big-up students’ creativity

Students of St. John’s College were awarded for their impressive creativity such as best graphic design, painting, photography, video blog, dramatic skit to name a few.   Love News spoke with Yasser Musa, Lecturer at St. John’s College, about the course.

Yasser Musa, Lecturer, SJC: “We’ve combined both the History and Art Department, the work that we do here at SJC. We believe now that both cannot exist independently that for example if you are going to make Art you have to do it with a consciousness and an understanding of history and if you are going to study history you have to do it with a sense of knowing that the Arts are a part of the historical process and historical ideas.”

Love News also spoke with Adrian Marshalleck and Justin Chen, two of the students, about their artwork.

Adrian Marshalleck, Student: “I Won the most consistent award, this means that the level of work that I am putting out, the quality of work that I am putting out is reoccurring so the hard work that I have done it shows in all things that I do. In the arts we’ve produce we started off with simple shapes so now we are now in 3rd form so we are starting more complex figures so we’ve moved on from basic shapes to applying those shapes into realistic drawings so we started off with things like fruits and then we went on to do things like animals and then we went on to do things like face study.”

Justin Chen, Student:  “Well I won for the graphic design where they did the core design I did illuminated art with my initials.”

Reporter: Do you see you taking this skill and using it in the future and in what way?

Justin Chen, Student:  “It will help me if I am doing poster design or creating flier for my career that I will choose in the future.”

Musa said that the creative art is being used to tap into the same creative energy that is reflected in the media, music, and entertainment.