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SJC continues to put students in touch with history

St. John’s College, SJC, is committed to giving their students a very sound foundation of their ancestry by teaching them history. First form students are taught African and Mayan History which allows them to understand history from the perspective of the oppressors.  Love news spoke with Yasser Musa, a teacher at SJC, who said that the students are also being taught about a very important time in Belizean history when there was a revolution in 1919.

Yasser Musa History Teacher S.J.C.: “When the ex service men soldiers rose up against the British Empire so to speak in Belize Town and rioted on the 22nd of July on the night of 1919. What we are doing in the classroom is in a lab style is to have the students sketch and draw based on a script that has been prepared by one of our colleagues Delma Zib. He prepared the research and crunched it down into five big teams of that moment. What came before? What came then? and What came after? Then we have the students read that and process it in their 2019 minds, in their google minds I call it and then they make it into what they feel is their interpretation which is an important and powerful process to us so we will have.”

Musa said that the school also has an online presence where students can continue learning beyond the classroom setting. The school also boast of  a vibrant history club that brings history alive the students.

Yasser Musa History Teacher S.J.C.: “We have a history club that plans trips. We had an amazing trip in December to San Lazaro. A village in Orange Wak where they had a festival and they gave the young men a talk about the Caste War, the Yucatan and its relation to Belize and the north which is important but we have had all kinds of trips. We have gone out west and we have gone all over but in addition to having trips our history clubs tries to plan at least three times a month what we call encounters with people that come here and then our students after school would listen and we have a rule. They can only talk for fifteen minutes because young people can’t be hearing a whole lot of blah blah blah and then after that fifteen minute talk by the presenter the students get a chance to hammer like a CNN style questioning one question after another question like you are in a press conference for thirty minutes just questioning the person.  The last two presenters were very young: Sylvia Batty an Archaeologist and Jordan Craig who is a young Political Scientists and tomorrow we have Chris Cansino who is still at the University of Belize doing a Bachelors Degree in History and then next week we have Musa Lion the drummer.”

Musa said that history is essential to one’s identity since persons get to understand where they came from and that knowledge helps in shaping their destiny.