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The police say that on Thursday at 12:45 p.m., they found human remains in the Los Lagos Community. The bones were scattered in a 20 feet diameter area. The police also discovered dentures, a pair of black silk sox, and a gray t-shirt. According to a medical officer, the bones are confirmed to be human skeletal remains of consistent with that of an elder adult male.

On Ambergris Caye, an island resident was found with quite a few more grams than the ten that was decriminalized. The police say that on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., they raided the apartment of Daniel Isaiah Kelly, an unemployed American who is living in San Pedro Town. The police found 529.06 grams of cannabis. Kelley was detained for drug trafficking. Cops from Corozal raided a San Joaquin home on the third of April. 48 year ols Rosalba Puck was at home along with 26 year old Lia Ester Puck, when the search occurred. The police found 26 and a half cases of Superior beer. As a result, Rosalba Puck and the beers were handed over to Customs officers who are expected to charge her for uncustomed goods.

The cops also searched another home in San Joaquin Village the following day on the fourth. This time they went to the residence of 57 year old Marcelo Trujillo. At the time of the search, three other persons were present including 27 year old Didier Trujillo, 21 year old Gabriela Trujillo, and 51 year old Maria Elena Trujillo.  The police found 541 grams of cannabis in 8 parcels. All four members of the Trujillo family were arrested and charged for the offense of possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply.