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Small Funds but Big Results

Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) has concluded a GEF Small Grants Program (SGP) at Vaca Forest Reserve. The Program aimed to aid farmers adapt and fight against climate change.  The project revealed that a total of ten strategies were learned and are now being implemented by the farmer in the Vaca Plateau. The study also found that farmers such as Carlos Serrano, who has increased the number of beehives, and The Arenal women’s group who have taught other family members how to produce soap and detergents are increasing their efforts in the Vaca Forest. The farmers note that the project provided the necessary skills and resources at a scale that now allows them to generate some revenue to sustain their investments. Project Evaluator, Mr. Ansel Dubon further notes that the Vaca Farmers are now better positioned to adapt to climate change and secure themselves in the face of Climate Change. The project has demonstrated that wit limited funds it is possible to build the resilience of communities all it takes is dedication and strategic investments. The project stands as an example for other landscapes across Belize.////