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Small stores robbed in southern Belize

Harry Arzu reporting…

There were two separate robberies in Hope Creek Village earlier this week where two families were held up at gunpoint. Love News spoke with one of the victims who gave us an account of one of the incidents.

Voice of Robbery Victim: On Monday morning at about 9:30 AM or 10:00 AM I was in my business, a slim guy came in and ordered a dollar worth of cigarettes and then I came and I saw him and then he just came in and threatened me with the gun and told me that he wanted me to give him what I had because he said he would shoot me. He told me not to make any noise and so I just told him that the truck had just left and he still told me to give him what I had and not to make noise. I gave him all the change I had and then just came and turned and took some cigarettes and he left but he threatened me with the gun. I mean he said he would shoot me every minute.”

The perpetrator who made good his escape after stealing monies from his victims is said not to be from the village despite the fact that he was seen in the area the night before the incidents. Moreover, the victims are still in shock and in fear. Additionally, E&R store located on St. Vincent Street in Dangriga was reportedly burglarized over the weekend.