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Smart Football Camp

Today marked the ending to Smart’s 2-week football camp held yearly for the past 11 years. The camp provides children with the positive engagement in the community as well as helps them improve their football skills. The camp ended with the awarding of certificates to the participants and issuing trophies and medals for winning teams. Love News spoke with both Linette Canto, Public relations Manager, and Stanley Reneau, Head Instructor, who told us more about the camp.

Linette Canto – Public Relations Manager, SMART: “This is the SMART Star Football Camp. It has been in existence for eleven years now, eight years under the SMART umbrella. We are very pleased to be the sponsors of this camp because what it does is it brings kids together from all over Belize City, all different age ranges from four to fourteen years and it gives them something positive to do with their summer vacation. Apart from teaching them the fundamentals of football it instills in them traits such as good sportsmanship and discipline. When they leave from here we notice that they have an even better self-esteem and a lot of them gain good football skills so this is something we have been doing for a while and something that we plan to continue to do.”

Stanley ‘Jordan’ Reneau – Head Instructor, SMART Stars Summer Football Camp: “Well the camp is a full football camp which teaches skills and from there we break into groups and play small-sided games. They are here playing football every day and the reason they are here playing football is because they love football and they want to learn how to play football. Definitely for the eight years most of the kids that participate through SMART Mundialito and SMART Summer Camp has moved on to U15 National Team, U17 National Team, U18 National team.”

The camp chose two of their best players who they will be sending to Miami for a one-week training program.