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Smart hosts football camp

The annual Smart Football Camp ended today with participants receiving certificates and trophies. Smart’s Public Relations and Branding Officer, Adelaide Sabido spoke to us about this year’s camp.

Adelaide Sabido – Smart’s Public Relations and Branding OfficerForemost I must mention that this is the tenth consecutive year that the camp has been running and the 8th consecutive year that it has been under SMART’s full sponsorship. Inspiration two reason why: foremost to have a summer activity that kids can engage in. There is not much activities in Belize for children to do for the summer and smart has been very huge on sports. We have the Basketball Hurricanes, we have the cycling team, we have recently partnered and are doing a lot of work with the volleyball association and we are very big on football so developing the skills sets in children is a plus not only for their growth but also the growth of our country and with that I lead into the second objective of why we have the camp. Is for our youths to develop the skill sets to become experts in those fields beyond the academic realm that someday they may represent their country as an ambassador in the sport. Most of the kids that come to the camp are either coming from the Belize City Mundialito team or they are in the sport teams at their respective primary school. I think this year we have a couple who are in high school already who have advanced to the highschool level but are thinking of joining their football team being that they have already been on a team during their primary school education. Additionally we have the Mundialito tournaments that we do with youths. This year we held it in Belize City as well as Dangriga and some of those team members are playing on the National Under 13 team so in terms of growth from the summer camp we see a lot of potential as well as a lot of growth from over the past ten years as we do have some students coming back on an annual basis and of course we have their friends, their relatives who have joined and so each year we see growth in terms of the attendance level at the camps. The skill sets we are clearly seeing growth there as each year as well coming from the Mundialito and the summer camp we have select students who we fully sponsor as well to go the UFC Barcelona football camp.

The coach for the Smart Football Camp also spoke to Love News as to why he believes the camp is beneficial for the children

Sitnah Blease: Do you believe the camp will be beneficial and impactful to the lives of these kids?

Stanley Reneau – Coach: Definite every year the kids that come to this camp and the kids that doesn’t come to the camp come back and give back to the camp. The kids that  get old come back and give back to the camp.

The children also gave positive feedback from their experiences of the two weeks.

Sitnah Blease: Do you guys believe that you can make it on the Belize national Football team?

Participants: Yes Ma’am

Sitnah Blease: Okay that’s great.


About a hundred children participated in the camp.