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SMART Technology launched for Marine and Forest Department

On Wednesday the Fisheries and Forest Departments endorsed the Spatial Monitoring Interactive Tool, a Smart technology tool that will help increase efficiency in the collection, sharing and analyzing of data. Country Director for the Wildlife Conservation Society, Nicole Auil Gomez explained how it works.

Nicole Auil Gomez – Country Director, Wildlife Conservation Society

“It has been predominantly used in the terrestrial landscape, looking at protected areas so its heavily used in Africa for instance and in Belize it was introduced about in 2010-2012 and it really began as a model to look at how it can be used by law enforcement agencies for conservation compliance within the marine sector so our focus was really working with the fisheries department and up to now in 2018 we have it being used by non governmental organizations; all non governmental organizations that co manage marine protected areas as well as the fisheries department and now the forestry department and terrestrial protected areas managers are utilizing the system as well. What it does is provide transparency for managers, accountability so that patrols can be logged and monitored properly and reports can be generated so that decisions can be made by managers as to where to best deploy resources so it really helps to make patrols more efficient.”

Sustainable Forest Management and Fire Management Communication Strategies for the Forestry Department were also launched. A new fisheries licensing system was also handed over. The improved system is expected to help carry out sustainable development for the fisheries industry.