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SMH! Attorney Says Fassbook Posts Can Cost You :(

A ruling at the Supreme Court on Monday found that activist, Moses Sulph was guilty of slandering UDP politician and owner of Brints Security Services Mark King.  Sulph was ordered to pay over thirty thousand dollars for damages and court costs. King sued Sulph in March last year after Sulph published a post on Facebook in which he claimed that King’s company, Brints Security, failed to pay employees for extra duties and over time. Love News spoke to one of King’s attorneys Payal Ghanwani, who said that rather than apologize, Sulph made a second statement on social media which cost him an additional $10,000 onto the other fees. The judgment has been accruing 6 percent interest on the principal amount $20,000, since the 18th of January, 2018 when the first post was made.  While Sulph was able to bring witnesses to the stand, he could not provide proof for the claim and the judge concluded his claims were made on hearsay. Sulph told the media that he was not even aware that the ruling had been passed. However, Sulph admitted, the case has taught him much.  Sulph has 21 days after the ruling to appeal the ruling which awards King $20,000 for general damages, $10,000 aggravated damages and $10,000 legal costs.  Perhaps the greatest danger on the use of social media is not from whom you accept a friend request but the content of message that is posted on social media. That is a forty thousand dollars lesson plus six percent interest that social activist Moses Sulph has learned after he made two posts about Brint Security Services and its owner Mark King. The allegation was regarding not paying social security for employees and Sulph could not prove his claims in court. King’s attorney, Payal Ghanwani explained to Love News that we are all culpable and responsible for the content of our posts on social media including Fassbook.

Regarding the Sulph case, Ghanwani says that the award is accruing interest from January 18, 2018. Sulph, on the other hand, is considering his options to possibly appeal the case.

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