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Soca Moca HQ Collapses on Carnival Eve

This afternoon, a house on Dolphin Street, Belize City, fell due to heavy damages sustained during Hurricane Earl. The house was the base used for the Carnival Group, Soca Moca. Seven people lived in the house, five adults and two children. Five of them were inside and sustained injuries when the house fell. The house had been destabilized by a lamppost that fell during Hurricane Earl. BEL repaired the house but the house was leaning. The family had been living in the house for thirteen years. Daughter of the owner of the house, Shandy Tillett, spoke with us and told us that they had repeatedly visited the National Emergency management Organization (NEMO) to ask for assistance.

Love News was on scene when Councilor Phillip Willoughby arrived and the sister of the owner of the house got into a confrontation with him.

Members of the family feel they have been victimized and were not given priority because of their political affiliation. Councilor Willoughby tried to appease the family by saying that their house will be built by next week.

The Soca Moca house was one of the Jouvert stops tomorrow. People are unsure as to how the event will go now as the mud made for the event is still under the house.