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Social Media Influencers will Generate close to 20 Million Views during visit to Belize

Social Media Influencers are important to marketing companies because they generate loyal followers to their brands. The income generated from being a social media influencer has become so lucrative that Forbes Magazine now issues a quarterly issue that features influencers in categories including food, exercise, beauty and travel. Today, a contingent of influencers arrived in Belize with a following that reaches about 50 million viewers in Youtube and Instagram combined. Love News met the influencers who came to fulfill their wanderlust as part of a voluntary Wanderlist program designed for influencers to give back to communities they visit.

Jose Sanchez: “ On a global level advertising and marketing in 2019 occurs authenticity. Products and brands hire popular social media influencers who inspire and supply a lifestyle of products to their followers. These people aren’t sharing names or arguing politics in their grandparents facebook. They are on Instagram and Youtube, a team of influencers has come to Belize in the spirit of volunteerism and at the end of their short stay founder of Wanderlist, Madison Muirbrook says they will reach eighteen million followers on Instagram and nineteen million on Youtube.”

Madison Muirbrook – Founder Wanderlust: “We want to come and bring more tourism into this beautiful country to help improve and really make a difference on a smaller scale but hopefully make a bigger difference on a bigger scale in the future. We hope that our platforms can be more aware of this beautiful place, allow more people to want to come travel here and also want to come do good here. We are going to be working with the children’s homes and a few other organizations here. I am beyond excited and it is a good feeling on our end to do good and we love the people of Belize so we will be coming back very often.”

Jose Sanchez: “And in terms of how many people you are bringing with you in terms of the number of followers combined that you all have, what amounts are we looking at?”

Madison Muirbrook – Founder Wanderlist: “Yes, so we have a reach of over twenty million all together so we hope to reach twenty million people to show what the beauties of Belize has to offer and the amazing people that reside here so we are beyond excited.”

Jose Sanchez: “Media team influencer with 206,000 followers Dawn Kingston will help to document the Belize visit.”

Dawn Kingston – Media Team Influencer (206k): “ I am a photographer and I work with a lot of influencers out in LA so all these famous kids in LA and I do a lot of these trips with the Wanderlist Foundation to go and help the community and also kind of document it through my photography and video work.”

Jose Sanchez: “What do you expect to find here in Belize?”

Dawn Kingston – Media Team Influencer (206k): “Well I have been here months before so I was actually on the last trip here, we went out to help an orphanage, we helped a school then saw all these beautiful islands, nature, toucans, monkeys and all that so I know a little bit of what to expect but I have decided to see the Mayan ruins this time.”

Jose Sanchez: “ Kalani Hilliker five point six million viewers says why she decided to visit the jewel.”

Kalani Hilliker – Influencer (5.6m): “I am super excited just to be here and volunteer but also just to visit this beautiful place. It is so stunning, the weather is so nice and I heard all the different beaches and everything are stunning. I am excited to meet all the people here, so far at the airport everyone has been so sweet so I am super excited to just be here and use my platform to help people realize that this is such an amazing place to go to.”

Jose Sanchez: “ More than a beautiful actress Nia Sioux and her dance mom Holly Hatcher Frazier will certainly bring a lot of views to their seven million followers.”

Holly Hatcher – Influencer ( 1.9m): “While we are here we are expecting to do a lot of work, learning about the community, definitely seeing the sights of the city, we plan to help an orphanage and do some work in schools as well.”

Nia Sioux – Influencer (5.6m): “I think it is really important to show the younger generation that helping others, helping schools, going to an orphanage and helping out can go a long way. Starting from a young age is so important because then you know about it, you have that knowledge and then you have that education to help other people.”

Jose Sanchez: “So this is a mother-daughter?”

Holly Hatcher – Influencer (1.9m): “Yes, this is a mother-daughter team so it is really cool to be able to do this kind of adventure with my child.”

Nia Sioux – Influencer (5.6m): “I have always wanted to do something like this so this is really exciting for us.”

Holly Hatcher – Influencer (1.9m): “When the opportunity came up to go to Belize we thought we have never been to Belize before so being able to do something like this was kind of a like a dream come true to be able to see the sights, be tourists but also give back in a positive way. Especially, Nia who has a big social media platform so to be able to do some good with that.”

Nia Sioux – Influencer (5.6m): “Spread love, positivity and help others.”

Holly Hatcher – Influencer (1.9m): “To get people excited so that they can do the same thing.

Jose Sanchez: “Should we be expecting as live Instagram feeds from the Shark Ray Alley, the Mayan Temples and the beaches?

Nia Sioux – Influencer (5.6m): “Yes, absolutely you will see a lot of contents, lots of lives, lots of pictures and lots of videos.”

Holly Hatcher – Influencer (1.9m): “Her brother is here to do a youtube video for her channel so she definitely wants to highlight this. This is a great opportunity so as much as we can get the information out there for people, we plan on doing that and hopefully more people can come out and do the same.”

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