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Social Media, Micah and Yasmin

While those in the upper echelons of the People’s United Party are having their own internal woes and battles, there seems to be one fight between two junior party members that is making its own waves on the social media.  Micah Gooding is no stranger to the news as he had emerged as a dynamic and energetic political candidate for the Collet Division for the PUP … but with the fluidity of politics, his candidacy was withdrawn and Yasmin Shoman was put in his place.  That was a decision made some time ago and you would think that it was old news … but it resurfaced recently when Micah posted on his page, quote, “I understand that I have political friends. I understand that I have political enemies. I understand that my political enemies especially the one who forced herself to represent PUP Collet has no political future. My understanding brings great comfort”.  End of quote.  They are indeed powerful words and while no name was called, it can only be Yasmin Shoman as she is the party’s Collet representative.  Love News spoke with the Chairman, who while he admits he doesn’t follow Facebook the issue is one that was tabled at today’s meeting.

Micah commentsHENRY CHARLES

“I was not aware of it until today it was brought up at the meeting today and that is the first I had heard about it and certainly it is an issue that I will address as Chairman. I have a very good relationship with Micah as a young man, as a BYM representative we have worked very closely together and I believe that if Micah has an issue that he wants to get out there he and I can discuss it. But certainly I don’t support this nonsense about going and spreading out on Facebook or any other social media if you are upset about something. I was not involved at the time it was more done at the Eastern Caucus level by that chairman who was Dr.Francis Smith at that time but no from my understanding and what has been brought to the National Executive it was said that Micah voluntarily agreed to step out as candidate.”

Love News asked Usher if he isn’t concerned that those remarks and comments would affect the undecided voter.


“I certainly appreciate the power of Facebook, it does reach out to millions of people and it is certainly the medium that most young people prefer these day, Facebook and these other social media outlets. When I say I don’t read Facebook I mean that I can only respond to what is sent me. If I go out there and try to respond to everything that is on Facebook I would not be able to sleep so it’s really …. first of all the thing about Facebook you don’t really know who is posting what. You might have fake accounts and you might have all of that so to address your question whether it will affect the party yes and I have been trying to do my best to reach out to those who do put posts and those kinds of things. I don’t have a Facebook account but I do hear from people like the media about what is going on. I cannot respond to that I can only respond to what is sent to me officially.”

As recent as this evening, Micah continued his postings on the party while the mudslinging towards the PUP Collet Area Representative continued.