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Society of Saint Vincent de Paul donates school bags

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Belize was busy on Saturday. More than fifty members of the society packed more than two thousand schools bags to be shared out to less fortunate primary school students. National President of the Society in Belize, Marion Marsden explained how the school bags are distributed.

Marion Marsden – President, St. Vincent de Paul Society

In most cases what we do if we use the schools the principals decide who are the most needy and in most cases in visitations each knows who the needy kids are and there is also a third way because some people come to us because they really need and in that case if we don’t know them what we do is that we ask for report cards and identify that they really need them then we distribute by tickets so that we can have it in a more orderly fashion.”


In terms of the supplies being put in the bags, the books, the pencils where did those come from and how did you all manage to get a hold of those items?

Marion Marsden – President, St. Vincent de Paul Society

We have a lot of people to thank so we can’t even name all of them. First of all we write to business firms and some of them have graciously given us donations in cash. We asked family and friends even out of our own pockets and we also do a lot of fund raising we start from January. We really got help, we got people who gave us to purchase school bags, we have people who sent money to buy supplies and we get some help from the United States but those are family friends.”

This initiative began in 2007.

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