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Solar Lights for Rural Toledo

Solar lights were presented to families in 11 Toledo rural communities. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.


The needed and helpful solar lights were presented during last week to village households jointly by representatives of Great Earth Rotary International District 5870 of the US and Labor, Local Government and Rural Development Minister Hugo Patt who spoke of the project.”


We are engaged in a small project in assisting our communities particularly those who don’t have access to electricity. We have partnered along with Grid Earth along with Rotary to bring some solar lamps to the communities that we have identified. In total we have eleven and so we have Mr.John and Audrey Cochran who are out with us making these distributions. We are touching almost each and every community that we can and while we know that it is a challenge I just want to let everybody know that in the interim these are some of the activities and projects that we are doing to alleviate the situation in each of the communities identified and so we want to express our gratitude to all the chairmen, Alcaldes and all the people of the different villages that we have visited who have made this project a success.”


During the visit to the villages Minister Pat and Rotary Representatives were accompanied by Senator Macario Coye, Rural Development Coordinator Earnest Banner, Toledo Rural Community Development Officers Adrian Cus and Cordelia Foreman and Public Relations Office Jenny Neal. Solar lights were presented to families in Toledo Communities of Punta Negra, Trambran, Golden Stream, Grayham Creek, Cirquesarco, Santa Elena, Conejo and Boom Creek among others.”