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Solar Power in La Gracia Village, Cayo

About two and a half months ago, on Tuesday, March 7, the Government of Belize entered into an agreement with Solar Energy Solutions Belize that would see forty houses in La Gracia Village, Cayo District receive power. Fast forward seventy five days later and the Minister of State with responsibility for Energy and Public Utilities, Frank Mena will be inaugurating a Smart Solar off-grid rural electrification project.  The inauguration will take place on Wednesday, May 24.  The system will electricity to more than 45 households and is designed with the capacity to increase supply to meet future demand. This first of its kind system in Belize will be monitored and operated remotely for efficiency and effectiveness.  The system at La Gracia Village is being done at a cost of about seven hundred thousand dollars with support from the Government of Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Public Utilities Commission and the Government of Belize.