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Solid Waste Management expect key transfer stations to be operational soon

Solid waste transfer stations are to be up and running in the city of Belmopan and Dangriga Town soon. That’s according to the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority. It is in response to complaints about garbage affecting the two municipalities in recent weeks. Love News spoke to the authority’s Director, Lumen Cayetano via Zoom. 

Lumen Cayetano, Directo, Belize Solid Waste Management: “We provided him with the information that we have on hand in terms of when we intended to operationalise those facilities and also in the interim we’re doing the best to provide support to the local municipalities to continue to manage the disposal sites because once transfer station are not operational then clearly there needs to be somewhere for us to be able to take the waste in the interim as it cannot be left within the communities. We have received the complaints and we have given the best information that we have where bringing those facilities are concerned.”

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: How soon are those facilities going to be on stream, more or less? 

Lumen Cayetano, Directo, Belize Solid Waste Management: “We’re looking to launch the tender to operationalise those tenders shortly and we would say within the  next 3 to 6 months we should be well on the course of bringing those facilities on stream, specifically Belmopan and Dangriga. We have gotten a commitment from the Ministry of Finance with respect to this undertaking and the financing of the operations of those facilities.”

And while it will take at least another six months just to finish the tendering process to get those stations functional, Cayetano added that the solid waste authority will continue to do the best it can to aid cities and towns. 

Lumen Cayetano, Directo, Belize Solid Waste Management: “We continue to support the local municipalities with respect to providing operations and maintenance services, Dale. To properly manage those facilities, there’s always a need to have a piece of heavy equipment in there and we have been assisting both. Actually, all the municipalities where transfer stations have been constructed but are not yet operational, we provide technical support and we also provide support financially, where hiring of heavy equipment is concerned. The ministry has fully supported the local municipalities in that regard. We will continue to do so because we understand the idea behind properly managing these facilities and abating these nuisance conditions to residents. So, we will continue to support them and we ask that residents of these communities and municipalities bear a little bit more patience with us because the facilities will come on stream and the intention is for us to properly address the waste transfer and disposal aspect of waste management at those sites.”

In our newscast tomorrow, we will hear from Cayetano as she discusses the necessary buy-in from the public.