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Son attacks and kills mother in Carmelita Village

A disturbing report of a murder out of the Orange Walk District is making headlines tonight as a mother was brutally attacked and killed by her own son. The incident took place this morning around 8:15 in Carmelita Village where, according to police, 26-year-old Andy Rhaburn (VO STARTS) approached his mother, 53-year-old Braulia Pech as she stood under a tree in her yard in the Spanish Town Area. Rhaburn reportedly hit her with a crowbar to the left side of her head, and Pech sustained a large cut wound. When police got to the scene, they found her under the tree bleeding profusely. Some relatives managed to take her to the Northern Regional Hospital where she succumbed to her injury while undergoing treatment. But police report that Rhaburn did not stop there. After he hit his mother, he ran with the crowbar in his hand down the street and about three hundred yards away, he hit forty-three-year-old Lilia Xujur, another resident of the village in her head. Her injury did not prove too severe and she is presently in a stable condition at the NRH. Police are now looking for 26-year-old Andy Rhaburn who remains at large.  We understand this is not the first time that Rhaburn has attacked his mother. He also reportedly attempted to burn down the house some time ago. According to reports, Pech refused to bring charges against Rhaburn.