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Son dies trying to protect his father in Robbery turned Murder incident

Just after 6 pm on Thursday night a father and son were shot. The police department is offering seven thousand dollars leading to the arrest of the people responsible for Masaki Yanaai’s murder. The crime happened in a residential area of Belize City in Buttonwood Bay, near one of the inlets with the Northern Highway. On the opposite end of the community, prominent Belizeans reside, including Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The seven thousand dollars bounty, according to a Facebook post from Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, comes from the business community. Love News was at the scene shortly after the incident occurred.

Jose Sanchez: “The blood on the ground of this Buttonwood Bay residence in Belize may be drying in the sun but it tells a story of a son who bled to save his father.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: ”What Police has gathered so far is that the Yanaai family was just entering their yard located on Park Avenue Buttonwood bay and they were discharging some items from the vehicle when they were approached by two male persons: one was armed with a firearm and a struggle ensued between the father Takia and as a result the son came to his assistance and that is when one of the male persons fired shots towards them causing the fatal injuries and injuring Mr. Takia is still admitted in a critical condition.”

Jose Sanchez: “When the Police responded to the scene and Hospital at 6:20 Masaki had already passed away.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Takia Yanni and Masaki Yanaai both of them had gunshot injuries to their bodies. Unfortunately Masaki Yanaai the younger one who is 19 years of age he passed away whilst receiving treatment.“

Jose Sanchez: “The doors of the Taka kitchen Restaurant is closed until further notice. The black ribbon, a sign of the passing of 19 year old Masaki Yanaai. The motive was robbery as Takia had an undisclosed amount of cash possibly from restaurant sales.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Well it is that the investigation is just in its premature stages and we are trying to gather all the necessary evidence to see what led to this robbery and if indeed there was somebody else that was already there looking at their movements and other things. As we understand they had just closed the restaurant and they had went to a certain store to purchase some items and that is when they left from there and went to their house and that is when the incident happened. We are looking at various footages that we have at this moment. I know that a waist bag of money was stolen from him. At this moment we cannot say what was in the content of the waste bag but indeed there was some cash, we cannot tell you what is the exact amount or if anything else was inside of the waste bag.”

Jose Sanchez: ”Edmund Quan President of the Belize Chinese Association assists members of the Association of Belize. He recognizes the amount of stores makes them targets for criminals.”

Edmund Quan: From time to time the Association will always notify the general Chinese population: Chinese business in particular need to be vigilant and it doesn’t mean only Chinese business, that goes for anyone. You don’t know where the next one will strike but Chinese tend to be more into the convenience stores right. The one close to your neighborhood, if you are short of something for cooking or something it will be maybe a one minute walk or a thirty seconds walk to the shop so that is probably because of the amount of shops it makes it a higher chance of these bad situations happening.”

Jose Sanchez: “The area is a conduit to Coney Drive. The scene of this week’s shootout between the Allen cousins and the Police. Crime in the area is a concern for the cops.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “We know that there has been several incidents there. We cannot deny it and you guys know it and hence the reason that you have seen also likewise an increase in Police presence there however as we have been mentioning that Police cannot be everywhere at the same time. We know that Police had just passed that area and just after that the incident happened. “

Jose Sanchez for Love News.

Commissioner Williams indicated that he can be contacted at 610-5716.