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Son organizes “A Ride For Mr. Mike and Candlelight Vigil” for slain father

The eldest son of Marie Sharp, 58-year-old Michael Williams was gunned down as he dropped home his girlfriend on Sunday night in Belize City. Two assailants waited for him and shot him through the window of his Chrysler Pacifica SUV just after midnight. Jody Williams, his son is organizing “A Ride For Mr. Mike” and Candlelight Vigil at the Battlefield Park on North Front Street in Belize City on Wednesday night.  The Sharp and Williams family are inviting the public as well as family, friends, cyclists and other athletes to the vigil. We spoke to Jody Williams who recalled the man who loved and brought the family to Belize City.

Son of Victim: “Everyone knows my dad here in Belize City especially in Belize. He is the eldest son of Ms. Marie Sharp. He is the General Manager of the sales office here in Belize City so he handled all the sales in Belize for Marie Sharp products. Also he was a great father to my brothers and I. He was deeply involved in cycling in Belize and was just a role model. He would go out of his way to help anyone so everyone knows him as a humble person, a caring person and someone who lived his life just for his family, for his career and some one who was alway smiling everyday.”

Jose Sanchez: “How many kids does he have? Tell me about the other aspect of his life?”

Son of Victim: “Yes he had me, my two brothers, two grandchildren and my mom,his wife, and we have been living here since 1999 here in Belize City. We moved from Dangriga and we have been here and so far we have made Belize City our home and he was a very caring father. He was a good man and we are still shocked and surprised at what had happened.”

Jose Sanchez: “ And how is your mother handling all of this during this time? You know I guess she is aware of that relationship as well and at the same time he passed away with someone else?”

Son of Victim: “Yes for my mom it has been very difficult. She has been here with us even though my dad would come here and then just go. My mom is always here for us and my mom loves my dad and nothing could take that away but surely what happened that night surely took away my dad from us and I will never see him again but we will never forget him. Because of him I am who I am today and that will never change.”

“A Ride For Mr. Mike” and Candlelight Vigil takes place at 7 pm tomorrow night at the Battlefield Park in Belize City.