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Southern Belize Feels Blunt of Tropical Wave

This past weekend saw residents in southern Belize having to cope with flooding following persistent rains that fell on Saturday and Sunday.  Things had gotten somewhat dire, forcing the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) to activate partially as they conducted assessments of various areas including Blue Creek which saw the water rising up to six feet above the bridge as well as Aguacate, forcing the bridge to be closed to vehicular traffic.  CriqueSarco saw its share of flooding as NEMO officials kept a close watch in the event they would have had to evacuate villagers.  The Jacinto Creek also rose above its normal level where the roads too were closed to traffic.  NEMO sent out its first advisory at midday on Sunday and has since issued three releases on the flood warnings for the various communities.  The final advisory came in this morning noting that all major highways across the country are now trafficable and all rivers in the Stann Creek District have crested and are receding.  According to NEMO, there is no flood threat to the Stann Creek communities at this time; while the Bladen River, Blue Creed and the Moho and Temash Rivers are above normal levels, they are receding slowly.  In the villages of Big Falls, Golden Stream, San Miguel and Columbia, the waters that inundated portions of the roads and other areas are also receding slowly.  In speaking with the National Meteorological Service over the weekend, Love News learnt that the rains were due to a tropical wave that crossed Belize on Saturday night.  Blue Creek had reported just over five inches of rain while the Punta Gorda Agric Station reported just over six inches of rain over the course of Saturday night and Sunday morning.  While the waters are now receding and the rains have ceased, it will be a brief reprieve as the Belize Weather Bureau is noting that another tropical wave will be crossing over the country on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  Due to the current saturation of the grounds, localized flooding is more than likely particularly in southern Belize.