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Southern Family Upset After the Body of their 5-day old Baby Remains at the Morgue for 13 Days

A family in Seine Bight Village, Stann Creek District is in distress after the body of their 5-day old baby body has been in the morgue for two weeks pending a post mortem examination. According to the family’s spokesperson, Rasheda Ritchie, the baby was born on July 28 but due to complications at birth the child passed away on August 1. Ritchie spoke to Correspondent Harry Aruz on the difficulties they have been facing.

Rashida Richie, Aunt: “The baby passed away on the first of August. They rushed him to the regional hospital where he was pronounced dead. My sister in law said that they never told her anything about police report so she got a call the Monday saying that she needs to go to the police station to make a police report. She and my brother they went the Monday afternoon to give the police report, that went well. The Wednesday that’s when we start to hear they need to swab the baby for COVID then they’re going to take the baby the Thursday for autopsy. So we said okay well we’re just gonna wait for them to do that. The Friday came nothing, we never heard anything. Last week Thursday I went there myself to check what’s going on.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: You went where ?

Rashida Richie, Aunt: “To the hospital to find out more because I wanted to know about the autopsy and when we will do the autopsy. I was asking them what’s the hold up, why are they taking long for an autopsy. So I told them because they mentioned to us that the police that was first in charge of the case he is now in a training so he had to give the case to another police. The Tuesday they told us that the CIB will come for the two bodies, the baby and the young man who had passed away, that they’re going to come for them on Thursday that was yesterday. The CIB went for them, took them to Belize City the pathologist then told the police that he can’t do the baby because he’s only dealing with victims of gun violence. Again the baby got sent back to Dangriga without doing any autopsy and now we’re just here wondering what will happen next and what we will do next. We’re tired and it’s frustrating we can’t burry the baby. It’s been two weeks now.”

Harry Arzu, Stann Creek Correspondent: You want the medical authorities to assist you guys to get this post mortem because you want to lay the baby to rest. 

Rashida Richie, Aunt: “Yes sir that’s all we want.”

The family added that they had made an appeal to their Area Representative, Rodwell Ferguson but still nothing had been done. Love News reached out to the Police Commissioner Chester Williams who has begun addressing the matter. We further understand that the schedule for post mortems are done by the Pathologist and not by the Police Department.