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Southern Highway to be named the ‘TV Ramos Highway’

Present at the ceremony on Saturday night was the current UDP Area Representative for Dangriga, Frank “Papa” Mena. Minister Mena announced that the Government has decided to rename the Southern Highway the TV Ramos Highway.


 “Thank you very much for supporting. I also thank you; you see when you are begging at the government level right now asking for something and you already see that you have affirmative you throw in something else because if somebody is in the mood of giving that is the good time to strike. I said well, we would also want to name the highway “TV Ramos Highway”. And it was approved as well, I tell you when you are begging and they give you the affirmative continue beg. The Prime Minister said in his wisdom he said; why don’t you name the southern highway because it connects all the Garifuna towns and villages and I said you’re sharp boss, you’re sharp.”

Thomas Vincent Ramos is the founder of Garifuna Settlement Day. He is known for his activism, especially for promoting the interest of the Garifuna population in Belize.