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Southern Wellcare Dialysis Clinic to be Established in Danrgiga Town

A memorandum of understanding was signed today at the Jaguar Reef Lodge in Hopkins. The MOU was signed between the Belizean Wellness Foundation and the Southern Wellness Dialysis Clinic and seeks to establish the Southern Wellcare Dialysis Clinic. Chairman of the Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic, Carlos Perrera says that the clinic is projected to launch in mid-January and is intended to provide a higher standard of dialysis care for patients specifically in the south.

Carlos Perrera, Chairman, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic: “The Ministry of Health we’ll be more than grateful with our collaboration in ensuring that these patients have accessibility from that end. Most important I want to reach out to all of the people of down south that the clinic is now under construction and renovation as we speak. We are reaching out to those who are looking for job opportunities for them to feel free to get in contact with the mayor of Dangriga or any other person in that area that has the interest for the clinic. We’re looking for doctors, nurses, technicians, office assistants and so forth. We are holding interviews tomorrow here at Jaguar Reef. We already have set schedules of interviews however as we continue to locate more employees, reaching out to the people of the south that please you can reach out to that is the email to send in your applications and resumes and information to and we will respond to you accordingly as we try to finalize the employees for the clinic.”

Reporter: So you say that there will be some kind of educational information program taking place in the center as well ? In terms of providing people with information in relation to maybe prevention ? 

Carlos Perrera, Chairman, Ramona Linda Dialysis Clinic: “That is another section of the service itself.  I mean the clinic is for hemodialysis, we will have a nutritionist on staff, we will have a nephrologist on staff and it is their role as the staff that will be responsible to advise and educate those patients on that particular aspect of life and we do advise our patients in regards to a better health lifestyle, a better eating lifestyle and so forth from that end. But yes that is in part of the program that is regulated by the Ministry of Health that that is incorporated in the service.”