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Southside Cops Take 900g Weed and Firearms

Belize City Police found over nine hundred grams of cannabis, one nine millimeter pistol with nineteen rounds and one point thirty eight revolver in an abandoned lot in St. Martins Area. No one was in the area at the time of the discovery and so the items were taken to the police station where it was labeled as found property.  According to the Commander of Eastern Division South, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, it could not be possible without the help of the community.


“On three different occasions police received information and acting upon those information received we were able to confiscate from the streets of Belize City yesterday two firearms, a 9mm pistol with 18 live rounds and a .38 revolver. In the other incident we seized a total of 925 grams of cannabis from the streets so I want to continue to give thanks to the public for helping us in making south side Belize city a safer place and we want to be able to build upon that relationship that we have built to ensure that it remains at a level where the police can provide the level of security that the citizens of south side Belize City deserves and it feels even better to know that the public themselves now are participating in what the police is doing to ensure that their area is safe. We know that both firearms are functional and most naturally someone had put them there to have it out of the reach of the police but again like I said the public has been very helpful and we call upon others who may know of firearms that are being concealed by those persons who are known to be in gang activities to let us know and we will do our best to maintain that level of confidentiality in terms of ensuring that the identity of anybody who gives us any information is not revealed to members of the public because we must be able to keep people safe and one such labor of doing so is for us to be able to maintain that level of confidentiality.”