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Southside police Command improves working environment for officers

The Command of the Southside Belize City police is delivering on its promise to provide proper shelter in the form of police booths to officers stationed in different areas throughout that division. The first to receive one of these booths are those officers assigned at the corner West Canal and Rocky Road. And their need for the new space was urgent since last Sunday’s change in weather ripped the tent the teams used as shelter. Grace Flowers, who works closely with the police in the area says she could not be happier for the officers.

Grace Flowers: “We around here are very happy for this request, it’s been a while now we have been asking because when it rains the officers they get wet. They have been through a lot so we are very grateful for this. Thanks to Mr. Brasta, Mr. Gillet that get this and make this happen.”

Dalilah Ical: how many officers usually are in this area?

Grace Flowers: “Every shift we have three officers, first it was the two Police officers and since the BDF joined up with them its three, two BDF and one police.”

Superintendent Howell Gillet: “We want to change all the tents throughout the city especially on the south side. We have already procured two more that will soon be installed and that’s from Mr. Karla Habet from Brothers Habet Ltd. from Barrack Rd. and I am sure that awareness is being created now with what we are doing and other business will follow like wise. I want to give thanks to Triple M for doing such a kind donation to us; it will go a long way in terms of boosting the moral of officers. It’s a pleasing time for us here at Eastern Division South to be looking after officers and I believe that will transcend in to officers doing more while on duty.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster:“We are going to put the resources where they are needed as they come. This is not a discriminatory decision as to we are going to put on here then next their then next there. Mr. Habet is contributing to, those will go in the area of his business area where officers are posted as well so we are hoping that other business, and other private entity will do the same thing so that we can alleviate the harsh condition some of these officers have to withstand within the community.”

The booth was donated by Triple L Construction Supply, a recently established company based in Ladyville. Jose Gonzales, Sales Manager at Triple L construction Supply and the Sales and marketing manager at Habet and Habet, Carlo Habet  both spoke on what drove the companies to team up with the department.

Jose Gonzales, Sales Manager, Triple L Construction: “Well lately you guys have seen the news you know we have so many innocent people getting hurt especially kids so we decided to donate this security booth to the Police officer’s especially with all the rainy season coming so it’s going to help them a lot so I would I like to encourage some of the big businesses. We are a small business but if we can do it so the large one can do it.”

Reporter: So if somebody wants to sponsor one can they buy it from you?

Jose Gonzales, Sales Manager, Triple L Construction: “We also can do that, we manufacture, that’s our main thing we manufacture wooden houses so you know they can ask us and we will give them a nice quotation because it’s a bit expensive but if they want they can do it.”

Carlo Habet, Brothers Habet: “He was very proactive to basically let us know what he is looking for and I was kind of surprised to find out one of the things was basically the wellbeing of the offices which honestly me probably like a lot of other citizens we don’t always stop to think about what kind of position these guys are in all the time. This booth is right down from where I work and I never really stop to think that sometimes these guys can get rained on, simple things like that and what he wants to do is preserve these guys human dignity and I can respect that, we also sign on to do a discount program as well which seems to have helped as well and I like that they are trying to incentivize good cops so we are on board. I realize that he came with a community mentality and I wasn’t really sure what that meant but now I think I  have a better idea and I think all we can do is just try to help because it’s all our community and we can’t expect the Police to do everything we have to do our own part.”

The booth is valued at approximately three thousand dollars.