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Southside Police Command seeks to reduce expenses for officers

But that’s not all that officers are going to be enjoying in the next few weeks. Commander Gillett says that he is also speaking with other business owners to further assist officers with reducing the expenses they incur, especially for those who work away from their home towns. The Commander has reached out to bus operators and restaurant owners to assist officers with a reduction on bus fares and food. Commander Gillett has already signed an agreement with Carlo Habet, the Manager of Brothers Habet Limited which will see Police officers on the South Side getting a fifteen percent discount on all items sold at that store.

Sr.Supt.Howell Gillett, Commander Southside Belize City: “Brothers Habet Limited this morning we’ve signed an agreement that officers on south side Belize City could now get 15% discount on any item that is sold at their establishment. It looks positive that we’ll be able to get some discounts for officers travelling on the bus, discounts for officers frequenting the different restaurants so it’s costly to be away from your home but we want to make a little bit easier for our officers and its all in the name of helping officers to help themselves and thereby because of what you are seeing we are doing for you we believe that will transcend into greater accountability, less corruption and more crime fighting effort from these officers.”

As we mentioned earlier, Commander Gillett is also seeking to get a reduction in bus fares for officers traveling to and from the north and west of the country.