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Southside Police Commander wants to introduce farming in schools

The Commander has also met with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture to replicate a farming project he had piloted in Belmopan with a number of schools. That was a success and on Wednesday Gillett says he believes it can work for Belize City and he is close to obtaining funding for the project.

Sr.Supt.Howell Gillett, Commander Southside Belize City: “Naysayers would say that what the Police has to do with a feeding program? or farming in school but ofcourse we have a lot to do with it because if we don’t look after these kids at this current moment then it may well become a Police issue in the very near future so we have to do our part and I believe awareness creation is one of the greatest help that we could have on our side because when others see what we are going to do then we might get others to be involved. What we are going to do very shortly there are three schools on the South Side that really need some help and the Ministry of Agriculture as a matter of fact they have gone and already prepared the proposal for it and I intend to; well I am in dialogue with the Belize Social Security Board to fund it. I believe it’s preapproved so it’s just to send out the proposal and very soon we will see that come for these schools and the thing behind it is that these farming in schools will help or augment the feeding programs in the school. Yes we will work on the current people who are involved in crime by the use of the law and other mediation and other intervention but we have to help younger people to stay away from a life of crime and deliver them into successful adults.”