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Speaker of the House of Representatives Weigh in on the Allegations and the Mason Saga

Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte returned home today from a vacation with his family.  We caught up with him at the Philip Goldson International Airport where we spoke to him on the recent events occurring in Belize.  But before we get to his views on those, we asked him where he stands in relation to William Mason and if he had ever gone to the house on Intelco Hill.


“Have you had any kind of friendship, acquaintance or visitation with Mr.William Mason at the house on Intelco Hill or the farm?”


“Absolutely not. You all frightened me because I got into the arrival lounge and I saw special branch, media you all made me wonder if I did something I didn’t do. I wasn’t here. All I’m seeing is what is on the news but no I don’t know the person, I’ve never been to Intelco Hill. Like I told you the only hill I know is Sandhill. I don’t know about any Intelco Hill.”

As it relates to the recent allegations made against National Security Minister, John Saldivar and the remand of the former GSU Commander, Mark Flowers as well as the aspersions being cast upon several other Government officials, here is what Peyrefitte had to say.


“I don’t know what to tell you. Like I said all I know is what I’m seeing on the news. The news is 90% wrong all the time so I don’t know. You all don’t get your information correct all the time so I can’t form any opinion on what I see on the news. I know I read last night that the former head of the GSU has been charged with a crime, as you know under the constitution everybody is innocent until proven guilty, he will have his day in court and the court will decide if he is guilty or not. I have no opinion on the matter. In terms of the accusations or allegations against anybody I can’t help you, I don’t know.”

Peyrefitte went on to say that the general public does have a right to be concerned about what is going on in the country and among elected officials.


“You should be always concerned about your politicians from day one not just now. The problem with the media is that you wait for a person’s head to be cut off to be concerned, you should always be concerned and you should always look into it. Politicians and elected officials subject themselves to be scrutinized so nothing is wrong with that so why start now ? That should always happen.”

Peyrefitte has served as the Speaker of the House since March 21, 2012.